Kyffhäuser National Monument

The so called “Kyffhäuser” is a low mountain range in mid Germany southeast of the mountains of the Harz.
Here at the end of the 19th century the Kyffhäuser-Denkmal as National Monument has been built to the honor of emperor Wilhelm the 1. (What a sentence!) Many may steps leed up to the monstrosity.
And you can also climb up inside the monument. The best thing is the view you have up there.
As the saga goes, the German Emperor Friedrich 1. Barbarossa sleeps in a cave of the Kyffhäuser Mountain. When the time comes he will wake and save Germany. During his sleep his beard grows and grows around a table of stone. Up till now the beard has rounded this table two times.  After the third round the end of the world will come.




2 thoughts on “Kyffhäuser National Monument

  1. Yes you succeded, Traudel, as you can see!
    That makes me wonder if you tried before to link and it did not work? Let me know, please. The first two weeks I had to get used to approve my comments, so I might have overlooked your link (so sorry, in advance when that happened!)
    I like that sage, even though it is ominous to see when the beard grows a third round:) Have no idea how high this monument is, judging from your photos. How long did it take you going up the steps to get the view? Thank you for persevering and linking this to All Seasons. Have a beautiful week, Jesh

    1. I had to google the total height of the system is 81 meters. The monument tower with the stylized imperial crown is 57 meters high. Those who climb the 250 steps to the viewing platform will be rewarded with a magnificent panoramic view over the Goldene Aue to the Harz Mountains and the mountain ranges of the Thuringian Forest.I don’t remember how long it took us.
      And no, it was the first time I tried to link. I am still struggling with this new editor. Somebody told me how to get back to the classic editor, both have its good and bad things I would have never noticed.

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