Doors to official buidings

Station Helsinki
Townhall Alkmaar/Netherland
Townhall Harlingen/Netherland
Rathaus Weinheim/Germany
Rathaus Wilhelmshaven/Germany
Stadtbibliothek Ladenburg/Germany
Stadthuis Leeuwarden
Standesamt Norddeich/Germany/Registry Office
Townhall Evora/Portugal
Rathaus Quedlinburg/Germany

Thursday Doors

19 thoughts on “Doors to official buidings

  1. Wow! What a wonderful collection of official doors. I don’t recall ever seeing 16-over-16 pane double-hung windows. Those are beautiful. The doors are all delightful examples of craftsmanship. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but that townhall and the library add up there. Thanks for posting these for Thursday Doors.

  2. You’ve captured some wonderful architecture there. It’s hard to pick a favourite. They are so different and pristine.

  3. Those first wood doors all in a row, with the five stacked octagonal windows are quite interesting. At first glance, I thought the windows were colored like marbles but upon further viewing I see it must be the nearby train reflection offering up this effect. Nice collection you’ve shared!

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