The end of the winter

The “Sommertagszug” is a traditonel festival in Germany’s southwest.  All the children parade through the city and drive away the winter. Each one has a colorful stick with a pretzel and an egg, symbol of fertility. A huge snowman is symbolically burned at the procession’s destination. The kids are busy for weeks to make the decorations.

For the second time in a row, the parade was canceled due to Corona. Hopefully the winter will end anyway.

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10 thoughts on “The end of the winter

  1. What a great display where children could participate! never heard of this feast. Is it in the place of Easter? (am thinking of Easter eggs:)) Many thanks for sharing this festive parade in Germany for this first Spring weekend! Have a lovely week, jesh

    1. I can answer that. It’s a regional tradition, not known in most parts of Germany. And the parade takes place three weeks before Easter. This year they had a virtual replacement, winter was burned and the event could be seen in a life stream. It’s not the same but we all hope that it worked anyway.

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