Hessian specialities

Founded in the year 1849, the tavern “Atschel” belongs to the oldest Applewine-pubs of Sachsenhausen, the southern part of the city of Frankfurt/Main. The name sounds a bit strange to all non-Hessians, it is the Hessian name of a magpie. Here you can get all the specialities an Applewine-pub can offer.

Frankfurter Grüne Sosse
Handkäs’ mit Musik
Sülze mit Bratkartoffeln

Friday Foods of the world

4 thoughts on “Hessian specialities

  1. I knew from the little blue painted jugs that this would be my kind of place! That pickle on the plate would be mine! Is the applewine more like a cider?
    Thanks for joining in! I’ll add this post to the links on March 19th post! Cady

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