9 thoughts on “Just one person from Lukuba Island/Lake Victoria

  1. Geri what is your name? What am I to call you? I keep calling you Geri and then I read…. that was the name of your boat! And I thought, oh my gosh, I’ve been calling her the name of the boat all along! I too was going to ask you what maniok was…….it looks very long rooted from the photo! Kind of like a carrot! Thanks for sharing these terrific photos today! Cady

    1. 😊The name of our boat was Geriatrix – why, that’s a long story. My name is very German – Traudel. But I don’t mind to be called Geri. Some call me Trix…

  2. Trix it is……..I see you write your blog in German…….but I know I read one in English too! Do you have more than one? Or was I getting the English version without hitting the translate button?

    1. I have three blogs, one is called Geriatrix Foto gallerie, my travelblog is in German( Geriatrix corner) or in English (Geriatrix Corner for the rest of the world. Some of friends or family can only either one or the other. So I started two…

      1. I had a blog “Geriatrix Corner” (it is still existing) before I changed to wordpress in 2013. And so came the three blogs into being. The travelblogs I only write when we travel.

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