8 thoughts on “Doors with small windows

  1. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog. Lovely photos and there were several that would have been great for my Thursday Trio challenge. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Carol

  2. A beautiful collection, Traudel! Wished our door had a small window. One of our previous hoses had one, but it was on top of the door, so I could not look out of it, lol!
    Is there snow in Germany at the moment? Last weekend was crazy here in the USA – everywhere it was freezing cold (below zero), snow and blackouts, even the Southern states, like Texas where I live now! It even made the news in Holland, so my friends say.
    Hope to see you back soon at All Seasons. Are you still in lockdown, or? Hope there is something to enjoy in the weekend. Jesh

    1. Our snow is all gone, and the weather is like spring. A few days ago we had minus degrees. In Holland I heard all the canals were frozen! We heard about the cold and snow in Texas.
      We are still in lockdown. Everything exept foodstores are closed. Perhaps some slackening beginning of March. I will be back, I am looking for a theme. Traudel

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