At the edge of our park

At the very edge of our park is a place always mystic to me. Now I took this seldom opportunity to visit the small building usually not open to the public.

At the highest point of the park, a mausoleum was built for the family of the park owners at the beginning of the 20th century. There are 39 grave sites in the crypt of the Art Nouveau building. In 1984 the crypt was opened for the last time when the last descendant of the family found his final resting place here.


LensArtists Photo Challenge: found in the neighborhood

11 thoughts on “At the edge of our park

  1. Wow, the family must have been quite something to have had such a beautiful final resting place. I’m curious though – were your images taken inside the mausoleum and if so, is it actually open to the public? I found it quite sad that a family tree could simply end like that after so many years of thriving. Beautiful, thought-provoking response to the challenge.

    1. The family owned the castle, the park and forest. All of it was sold to the city. The castle host now the city administration. As far as I know most of the money is gone.

  2. Lovely details in every photo. And the contrast in some of them between the gray of the stone and the colors of the tiles or paintings makes them even more interesting. Like Tina, I wonder if you got inside or all of this was outside.

  3. Was this a special opportunity then? Not open to the public otherwise? Wow, that family must have been rich – to have such an impressive resting place. Beautiful details and colours. Makes me wonder about their story.

    1. Yes, it was special guided tour to the park with visit to the chapel. The family owned the castle, the park and most of the forest. It has been sold to the city in 1938. The castle host nowadys the city administration.

  4. That was special that you could take these captures, Traudel. Talking about appearing at the right moment:) This was a rich family and I love the details you captured. So interesting and beautiful!. Was this at that time done more in Germany for wealthy families to have their own grave site ? Many thanks for sharing it with All Seasons, Jesh

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