A Walk through Quedlinburg

Quedlinburg’s architecture has been on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage since 1994 and makes the city one of the largest area monuments in Germany. In the historic old town there are over 2000 half-timbered houses from eight centuries.


6 thoughts on “A Walk through Quedlinburg

  1. Must be wonderful to be surrounded with all this Fachwerk (if that is the right term:)) All the history, it would take me a few days to take it all in. Then I wouldn’t want to leave, and go back to the modern world:)
    Do you know I now live in a German influenced area (N.E. suburb of Austin, Texas). Austin is the capital of the state of Texas. There are streets that are definitely German like “Meister” and “Dieztel Motel.” Many thanks for making us at All Seasons part of your visit to Quedlinburg! Have a wonderful week, Jesh

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