17 thoughts on “Doors found in Thuringia

  1. The design of the second one is very creative. Also love the different green door – can’t read the first word ….durch Gottes Seegen…. Hope to see you back soon at All Seasons too! Have a great weekend (are the stores and restaurants open in Germany? Don’t know if you noticed, I moved to Texas and the time is here 2 hours later than California…Bis bald (hope that is also an expression in German, lol), Jesh

    1. Good to hear from you! Eclastic translated the inscription. Stores and restaurant are open but with Corona restrictions – masks, distance ect. Good luck in your new place! I will be back to Allseasons soon. Bis bald!

  2. I hope I’m not steeling trix’ thunder if I’m helping out here (I was looking at that inscription, too). It reads: “Johann Gottfried Leisching bauet durch Gottes Seegen dieses Haus anno 1689 denn 16 April” (if you are checking that in a modern dictionary: “Segen” spells with one E nowadays, an “denn” in this meaning only with one N, “bauet” is also an old form (it’s “baute” now). It’s an amazing door. Personally, I prefer the yellow brown art nouveau door. And yes, “bis bald” is definitely an idiomatic expression in German. 🙂

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