Cultures in color – nations in Peace

On this subject, pupils from the international Waldorf School and the integrated comprehensive school Mannheim-Herzogenried painted pictures of their respective ethnic origins, which the internationally known Mannheim artist Bahaiden integrated into a total work of art in 2013 and transferred to the high-rise facade. Peaceful coexistence as well as living, working and living on an equal footing is the central message of this work of art.

I want to find the sun to talk to.
And I talk to the sea and sleep with the black night.
I love these colors that determine my whole life that I give to my pictures.
I dedicate it to all children in whose hands the sun is a guest.
They should live in a loving environment.
Without war
without hunger.



Monday Mural


5 thoughts on “Cultures in color – nations in Peace

      1. I love streetart. I am from Weinheim. Last year I went with my bike to find a few streetartpictures in Mannheim. When the the weather starts to be better I will do it again.

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