Maibaum – May Pole

In Germany and Austria the maypole (or Maibaum) is a tradition going back to the 16th century. It is a decorated tree or tree trunk that is usually erected 1st of May. This tradition is especially strong in the villages of the Bavaria, where the raising of the traditional maypole in the village square is a cause for much celebration. The pole is usually painted in the Bavarian colours of white and blue and decorated with emblems depicting local crafts and industry.

Unfortunately in times of Corona this tradition couldn’t take place. Few villages took the help of a crane instead of man power to erect the pole. But all celebrations were not allowed.

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3 thoughts on “Maibaum – May Pole

  1. I remember a time in the USA when we celebrate May Day with a pole, we also left baskets of flowers on the porch of friends. It stopped in the 1950s during the cold war.

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