Cork from Portugal

Anyone who has ever been on vacation in Portugal knows a lot of different things are made from cork. Each souvenir shop offers shoes, handbags, and many more products from the material that belongs to Portugal, like the bull to Spain. Half of the world’s cork production comes from the small country. A single tree can deliver 100 to 200 kilograms of cork during its lifetime.

Cork oaks can become several hundred years old. They are very undemanding and resistant, and can survive the forest fires that often occur in this area.  The cork bark protects the tree, keeping moisture in and fire outside during a forest fire. Cork oaks are peeled every few years. After peeling, a number is painted on the stem to mark the year of harvest.


All Seasons

5 thoughts on “Cork from Portugal

  1. Thank you for enlightening us at All Seasons about cork! Was not familiar with the process, since Portugal is one of the few European countries I have not visited.. Even handbags, wow! What a versatile material:) Thank you so much for this post, and have an enjoyable week!

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