Iron Gates of the Danube


The Iron Gate is a gorge on the river Danube. It forms part of the boundary between Serbia (to the south) and Romania (north).

At the entrance of the gorges sits Golubac Fortress on the Serbian site built in the 14th century.


In the 1960’s, the government built a massive lock and dam to help control the speed of the river and make navigation safer. The construction of these dams gave the valley of the Danube the nature of a reservoir, and additionally caused a 35 m rise in the water level of the river. The old Orșova, the Danube island of Ada Kaleh and at least five other villages, totaling a population of 17,000, had to make way. People were relocated and the settlements have been lost forever to the Danube.

This huge face is carved into the rocks of the Romanian side of the river to celebrate the Dacian hero Decebalus. He lived in the 1st century AD and was the last king of Dacia, a predecessor country of Romania.


4 thoughts on “Iron Gates of the Danube

  1. Such beautiful views of der Donau, Traudel! Remember our times at Hungary well:)
    Only, it’s at the wrong post! Back in the Saddle is my own weekly post where I myself participate in challenges., and not the All Seasons post

    The direct link for All Seasons is

    Sorry for the inconvenience: please link to the linky list and leave one of these wonderful images at the direct link?
    It is because people from do not know what a “pingback” is!
    All they refer to is the photos on the Linky list, so no one will even see your wonderful post about the Donau! Again, many thanks:)

  2. Haha, saw your link up to “90 days of summer” after I wrote you that long comment above! Don’t know whether to apologize or not … I guess when in doubt, I apologize:):) I leave it up to you whether to link at All Seasons in addition or not (but to keep things clear – the Tue-Wed. 90 Days of summer is an addition to All Seasons – it’s not the same challenge)!

    1. Thank you for linking to both All Seasons and 90 Days of summer – much appreciated!!
      The big face of the ruler in the rocks brought a smile to my face- apparently the Americans are not the only ones who featured their presidents in the rocks:)
      Really stunning views -love the Golubac castle, and a pity that for a safer water flow people had to move! (Hope they received monetary assistance for that?)
      Have a lovely week!

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