In another world

One of last days in 2018 we took the chance to visit Gibraltar – perhaps the last time without a visa. Coming from Spain it is a different world. Roads and Road signs – very British! Of course we had fish and chips for lunch. From the the lighthouse at the tip we could see Africa.



5 thoughts on “In another world

  1. The only time I was there was when I was five years old on one of those huge cruise ships from Indonesia to Holland – too young to remember anything.
    Am curious about being there for the last time without a visa… can you update me why? (here it’s hard to keep track of Europe, since there are not many sites I can go to for news. ) Many thanks for sharing the British looking Gibraltar with All Seasons! It’s obviously a tourist spot:) Looking forward to see more of Spain!

    1. The Brits voted two years ago to leave the EU. The date for the Brexit – up to now – will be somewhen in March. There are big discussion In Brussel and London how this will going to happen. If they will also be out of the Schengen treaty (no European borders. If you google Brexit you will learn more about it.

      1. Oh, I didn’t realize that Brexit would have an effect on Gibraltar. We were kind of following it. The wait is agonizing – the UK has to do what is good for them…
        Thank you for taking the time to let me know – I appreciate it!

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