Frankonian Beer Cellar

A beer cellar is an underground cool storage room for beer, occasionally combined with a beer garden. In Franconia you go “to the cellar” and not in the beer garden. Whether as a destination for a long bike ride in nature, for a beer after work with friends or to enjoy a hearty Schäuferla at noon – beer cellars are simply part of the Franconian culture. By storing at cool temperatures, the shelf life of a beer can be extended. Before the application of technical cooling systems, most breweries and beer bars therefore had large beer cellars.

Even today, many beer cellars are still in operation in Franconia. Here, in the vicinity, usually above the cellar, a bar has been built. Thus, visitors are invited throughout the summer to drink a beer under trees in a beer cellar atmosphere. Many taverns also sell a snack, and on some cellars it is also allowed to bring your own snacks. A typical Franconian beer cellar consists of the cellar house at the entrance to the storage cellar, from which drinks and snacks are served, and the bar stocked with beer benches, often under old trees from oak, linden or beech.



Thursday Doors


4 thoughts on “Frankonian Beer Cellar

  1. Some lovely doors and gates in this collection. I’m more of a wine drinker but I would happily tour a few beer cellars too, especially if sampling is included 😉

  2. If there’s anything in Germany I miss on food it is the several kinds of Wurst:):) While reading your story about the cellars, I suddenly remembered that one of (now hubby) ‘s first jobs in Berlin for the Drug Rehab center was to renovate a cellar into a Thee Stube!
    Now I’m curious what kind of a cellar it was:) Sorry, I’m getting off track here – even here you found some nice doors! See you back in the weekend for All seasons:) Have a good one (that’s what we say in California:))

    1. This week we have our annual festival in town and I live right in the middle of this – I won’t have time to post a season post. But next week for sure!

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