Day of the Open Monument

Every Year in September some Monuments open their doors to the public. This year I managed to visit four old buildings – since they are located in my immediate neighborhood.


This is the oldest restaurant in our town. The owner has changed. The restaurant is still the same, but apartments are built in the rest of the house. It is a lot of work especially because the Office for Monument Protection has a strict eye on it.



On the first floor of the building from the 17th & 18th century the so-called “Fürstenzimmer” is located. The rich stuccoes from the period of classicism have been preserved.


Roter Turm

The “Red Tower” is part of the old town fortification. Since 2010 a group of men is taking care of the old tower, which they had used as meeting place in their youth. After numerous works for sealing and beautification of the tower they devoted themselves to the uncovering of the original lower floor. Bucket after bucket, the debris was dragged out from the depth of the tower and searched for finds. The tower became a jewel of the town,  the view from the top is magnificent.




Our castle is used for the city government. City officials have their offices in it. On working days it is almost impossible to visit this tower. I have never been up there, I had to take the chance to climb up the many stairs. I was rewarded by an even better view.











6 thoughts on “Day of the Open Monument

  1. Schade that the city government has its offices in the castle. Don’t they have a town hall? Love the tower Don’t want to make any trouble in town, but someone should gather petitions the government officials should move out of the castle (joking, but someone should at least complain, lol) Many thanks, Traudel ,for sharing your town with All Seasons. Love towns with red roofs! Have a lovely week!

    1. Since 1938 the castle belongs to the city and has its government there. It is good like it is. There are a lot of weddings each year, and if one really wants to, he/or she can visit.

  2. What amazing places–I can almost feel the atmosphere of these old places. The skinny stairway would not be a favorite place for me although I’d have to go up and down to see what’s there!

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