At the Loreley on the River Rhine


The Loreley is a 132m steep slate rock on the right side of the River Rhine. Here are the narrowest and deepest parts of the Rhine on its navigable section – 145 Meters wide and 25 Meters deep. Nevertheless, many cargo ships drive through this narrow strip every day, a challenge for the helmsman.

According to legend, a b beautiful maiden sits on the rock and bewitches the sailors.


We took one of the many sightseeing boats upstream and followed the bike track downstream with our bikes.

It leads us past many castles to the right and left of the River Rhine, one even in the middle.

Even the tunnels of the trains look like castles.

These were the last days of the summer school holidays for our grandson.


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3 thoughts on “At the Loreley on the River Rhine

  1. Ah, a Rhine trip! My late parents did one with a boat once. They loved it. So, some of these “castles” must have been the tunnels! Beautiful views, Traudel! Thank you for sharing the fun and beauty of this outing with All Seasons! Am impressed you went biking here, it looks very hilly. Wishing you a fun biking week!

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