Iron Doors







Thursday Doors


13 thoughts on “Iron Doors

  1. Wow, Traudel, all these screens and gates are perfect. But I like the one you posted first , the most. A beautiful blend of iron elegance and sturdiness of the brick.

  2. Some nice finds in this collection. That 2nd one looks like it could be a gate to a medieval prison and that 4th one is so ornate it’s hard to take if all in at first glance.
    Good idea for a post theme though – well done 🙂

    1. No 2 was a door of a normal house at the market place in Kaunas/Lithuania. No. 4 was inside the cathedral of Frambork/Poland. I should have made a caption.

  3. I agree with what everyone else wrote here, spectacular pictures. Also, I had this thought whilst looking. Iron doors keep people and animals out, however they let the weather in. I know that is just common knowledge, but how wonderful!

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