Spires of Copenhagen



10 thoughts on “Spires of Copenhagen

  1. Ah, you were in Kopenhagen this summer? Love all these lean towers:)
    My son visited a few years ago, and he liked it – also he thought it was an expensive city! Welcome back to All Seasons – missed your beautiful images.! Hope you’re having a great summer!
    Schade (love that German word) that it did not work out with the Linky. Just came home and wrote the owner, so it will be fixed by next week.

      1. Hello Traudel, the owner of the Linky List fixed the link by 9;15 pm on Sunday, so you are very welcome to add a photo of one of the Kopenhagen towers! It’s after bed time, so tomorrow (my time), I will look at your link – many thanks:):)

  2. Thank you Traudel for linking up to All Seasons this week (after the drama with the Linky List:):)) Kopehagen is beautiful, and wow, your link – had no idea about your other blog!!
    You went to so many places. After I’m done with giving everyone a thank you, I’ll go back there to look some more!

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