Das Münchner Brunnenbuberl

… in the pedestrian zone of Munich.

The playful Brunnenbuberl is one of the most popular fountains in the city. When it was erected in 1895, Prince Regent Luitpold is said to have asked the artist Mathias Gasteiger personally for a fig leaf for the water splashing boy. But the royal “Petition” was rejected.


Fountain Series September: …made me smile

3 thoughts on “Das Münchner Brunnenbuberl

  1. How funny – makes me smile the fountain and the fig leaf! Especially as I recently read a biography on Henrietta Ponsonby (great great great ish aunt to Diana Spencer) (who lived in 1761 – 1821) and discovering that as long as you bore your husband a suitable number of male heirs first, you were pretty much free to do what you liked, that noblewomen would go off for the births of their lovers children, while telling their husbands they were taking the air in France for their health, aided by the fashions of the day – hooped skirts, and the rest of the time they spent playing at cards and losing money (there was of course a lot more to the book, it was truly fascinating) it’s interesting that a monarch would like to have the statues genitalia covered up. Very fitting of course, anything goes, as long as it’s nicely hidding in the dar, Fascinating read by the way if you like that type of thing – written by Janet Gleeson..Happy Friday Poli

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