Der Rote Turm

Once a year the „Red Tower“ is open to the public and people can admire what a group of retired gentlemen has done in the last 6 years. As youngsters the tower was their meeting point, now they cleaned and renovated the ancient construction. And there is still a lot of work to do.



The Tower was built as part of the city wall by multiphase expansion by the end of the 15th century.
It also served as a prison.Tons of debris had to be removed with buckets out of the 8m deep hole.
Once you have climbed the steep stairs you have a beautiful  and unexpected view over the town.

10 thoughts on “Der Rote Turm

      1. Beautiful brick tower! Yes, I could see that as a meeting place! Also love the view with the red roofs! What was the Angst Loch used for? Thank you much for sharing this red tower with SEASONS – very interesting! Have a great week, Traudel:)

      2. Through the Angstloch the prisoners were thrown in the whole for various crimes like stealing a chicken or so… I had a different view of my town. Have a nice week too.

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