Concert the Park

Once a year in summer our park hosts a huge pop concert. As far as I know it is sold out. We don’t need a ticket, we can hear the music from our terrace. If we don’t like the kind of music – we close the doors and windows.



The whole park is closed. All walking paths are lined with mobile toilets – I guess, better than 7 000 people peeing in the park.








12 thoughts on “Concert the Park

  1. The rows and rows of mobile restrooms made me laugh -but you re right, it keeps the park cleaner! Your first photo brought up memories when we lived in Berlin! There was always one or another “Umleitung!” Many thanks for this humorous post for SEASONS! Have a great week Traudel and see you back soon!

  2. I’m curious, where are these pictures taken? I wonder if this is a place where I have been, I think I have seen that tower in the background of picture nr 4!

  3. That must be a huge event based on the number of outhouses (outdoor toilets)! We recently moved to a terrace apartment downtown and so we too can hear many events that take place there…. Sometimes, as you say, it is good and sometimes we are glad we can shut our windows!

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