4 thoughts on “Artemis Fountain

    1. It was the Hellenic goddess of hunt, wild animals, wilderness etc. Her Roman equivalent is Diana. I have to admit I had to google it. I just knew the name of the fountain.

  1. what a lovely fountain and hellenic art period sculpture style too, if my mind doesn’t fail me totally. Which may be possible. When I visited Greece in my twenties I made a point of visiting many digs, reading a lot about them until I had to admit to myself that I was more passionate about more tangible, modern pursuits. It’s hard to get fully enthusiastic by archeological digs, where you can only see the foundational walls. That said, some sites are amazing, e.g. in Crete, near Porto Heli, many in Egypt etc. But overall, when there is little left to see and it’s hot and dusty, I had to accept that sometimes a mind just doesn’t want to be bettered too much on a certain topic..

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