Karlsbader Brunnen of Bernkastel

The fountain of the Czech artist Jan Kotek on the Karlovy Vary course is a gift from the twin town of Bernkastel-Kues, Karlovy vary. The sculpture symbolizes eternal life, the day and night. The girl’s face stands for the day, the boy’s face with the closed eyes for the night. The two snakes embody the eternal power. The water cascades over three levels reminds of the eternal cycle: Water is a symbol of health, cleanliness and power.

060 Bernkastel_new

Fountain Series # 15: June : unusual fountains


2 thoughts on “Karlsbader Brunnen of Bernkastel

  1. Thank you – it is so great that you have explained the symbolism – what an interesting fountain. I have traveled in the Czech republic a couple of times, my dad worked there for a while, pro bono helping to help ease transition to a capitalist approach to working (read – work productively to sell goods, rather than appear at work for 8 hours, have an non-productive factory, while knowing that your factory will always remain a safe place to work)….beautiful landscapes, liked the food, simple but good, and in my opinion the Czech women have the most beautiful legs of any nation I have seen (and I am a woman – I am appreciating beauty, not objectifying women (just in case anybody finds that observation objectionable) – happy Sunday tomorrow to you Poli

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