Geese Fountains

In Germany it is quite common to have a “Gänsemännchen-Brunnen”.





Fountain Series # 14: May Fountains with animals or people


8 thoughts on “Geese Fountains

  1. Oh the pied piper – lovely, very nice indeed, I know how it is when traveling with no internet…I still need to put all the links from last week up and it’s friday again tomorrow, picking a work day for blog posting was maybe not super smart! Beautiful fountain yours, very nice, thank you

      1. Hello Jude – every sane person picks a Sunday, so I thought, let’s make this a good challenge and do it on Friday!!!!! HA! How come nobody works (well for money anyway, everybody works at something.) in the blogsphere – where did I go wrong?!!! What do I have for you today, a great question, let me see :)! Lunch first though..

  2. Sorry, but this is not the pied piper. No mice involved. Just a gooseherd who plays a flute (a fairly common motif in fairytales). But I also like the fountain.

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