Last Skiing of the Season





Since most of the time I never take a camera all pictures are of the courtesy of my fellow skiers, taken last weekend in Switzerland.




7 thoughts on “Last Skiing of the Season

  1. Hi, Dear Friend, stunning views -wow!
    I waited till my link was open for this week. It seemed like you tried to link it to last week SEASONS (Almost Spring) – only the linky list had already closed, so these beasutiful photos here could not be added. Please link them to the post of this week (between Mon – Wed. till 7pm, US, Pacific time) – click on

    thank you so much! Oh before i forget, on the first line of the information you fill in: name, email, etc. you put your url (geriatrix …). not .(this is, so that other people can visit your blog).
    Hope to see you there and have a marvelous week!

  2. Beautiful – there’s nothing like late-season skiing. I hope to get in at least a couple more days locally before it’s too late!

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