Post Boxes

Jude is looking for post boxes. I knew I have some. Funny enough two were exactly alike – one from Tangermünde in East-Germany and one from Andernach in West-Germany. I have no clue from what time they are. Usually, the German ones are very plain yellow.
105 Tangermuende Briefkasten_new


This one looks like a public post box  from somewhere but is hanging on a private house in Germany.


The green one I found in Normandy/France Ireland. (Thank you for correcting!)

1224 Folk Village_new

10 thoughts on “Post Boxes

  1. Oh wonderful! The blue ones are very ornate and pretty. The red one looks like it has come from the UK – I wonder where the Majestic Hotel was? And your green one is fabulous. Also English it is an Edward VII post box! I wonder what it is doing in Normandy?

    1. The road sign is Irish, so I am guessing it is Ireland, not France. Unless someone transported the sign and box together? Hore Abbey is in County Tipperary.
      Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I have to apologize, you are right. I slipped in the line – we took the ferry from Normandy to Ireland. I will correct it. Thanks for looking careful!

      1. No problem, it is easy to miss a destination, when you travel as much as you two! I didn’t mean to sound like I was correcting, but Jude pointed me over to the box, and I realised it was in Ireland.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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